The quality of the Snow Service production process is certified according to international standard UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008. Snow Service has obtained certification for road engineering in the design, manufacture and service of machines snowplows, spreaders, sweepers, maintenance equipment the kerbside and multipurpose water modules.

The quality of the production process we offer is not only proven by experience and by our loyal and diverse clientele, but also by strict checks carried out by the appropriate bodies. Because it is precisely the point: who says the Snow Service produces following the international standards is an independent body, ie the body of TUV SUD certification, which guarantees that Snow Service pursues the objectives and fundamental responsibility for the quality, analyzing depth corporate activities, expressed and implied requirements of customers and other interested parties.

But what does it mean to have a certification for road engineering? The term "certification" is derived from the Latin certum facere, meaning "make certain, obvious." The certification is the declaration of a third party (ie not tied to the vendor or purchaser) that the product supplied or the quality system of the supplier conform to certain rules, in the case of the quality system the reference standards are those of the ISO 9000 family as transposed in Italy UNI EN ISO 9000. by setting your own business using the criteria described in the reference standards, companies can reasonably assure customers that its products or services reach a certain level of quality and above all who are able to maintain it over time, with a constant commitment to improvement and keeping in mind the customer's needs.

Since the beginning of our business we at Snow Service work in compliance with regulations and to ensure our customers the highest quality.

Since 2011, in fact, we have implemented and maintain an active quality management system conforming to ISO 9001: 2008, applying to all business processes, from the production cycle to maintenance, the criteria necessary to obtain certification for road machines.

The objective of ISO 9001 is indeed to ensure that the product provided by the company complies with quality requirements determined by a careful examination of the implicit and explicit expectations of customers: our work is based on the strong belief that a satisfied customer represents the most important evidence of an excellent service.

For the design, manufacture and service of machines snowplows, spreaders, sweepers, equipment for maintenance of the road edge and multi-purpose water modules not ask you to unknown companies, but to a company, such as Snow Service Ltd., whose quality and reliability are proven by certifications for road machines.

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