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Extraordinary maintenance of road cleaning machines

In addition to performing ordinary and scheduled maintenance, Municipaltech also offers the extraordinary maintenance service for all the equipment for summer road conditions, with relative supply of spare parts needed for repairs, both at private customers, which for public bodies, Anas compartments, Autostrade SPA, municipalities, provinces and mountain communities.

What is the difference between the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance?

Routine maintenance is periodic testing of components of a vehicle and is designed to restore the maximum mechanical efficiency. It includes interventions such as washing, greasing, functional testing, cutting motor, control and eventual tape tension of all the security apparatuses present on the control equipment, corrosion protection application.

The extraordinary maintenance for sweepers and road cleaning machines regards non-periodic interventions, which are placed in a vehicle and to reduce the degree of obsolescence, thus counteracting the loss of value of the asset on the market.

In particular, our special maintenance service for sweepers, road cleaning machines and all other equipment designed and manufactured by Municipaltech offers the following services:

  1. Inspections to verify the status of the equipment;
  2. Sandblasting and painting 
  3. Mass in accordance with equipment not provided with CE marking
  4. Supply of spare parts.

Longer and more difficult routine maintenances are made at our factory in the area intended for special maintenance. For any repairs that may be beyond the normal routine maintenance, we provide an analysis of the equipment was subject to free survey with its budget.

Sandblasting is a cleaning process that takes place by investing the surface to be treated with a jet of air and sand: in this way the object is freed from old paintings, smog, signs of wear, grease, rust. Later we proceed with the coating, which contains the equipment to the original perfection.

From Municipaltech you can request the retrofitting of equipment not provided with CE marking: remember that the CE marking, in force since 1993, indicates compliance with all the obligations incumbent on manufacturers about their products (or those placed on the market under their own responsibility) under the Community Directives, allowing the free marketing of products marked by the European market.

Finally, thanks to the possibility of having a well-stocked warehouse, we can provide the necessary spare parts.

All assistance operations, routine maintenance and extraordinary maintenance of sweepers and road cleaning machines are carried out in full acceptance of ISO 9001 guidelines, contained in the manual "Procedures for service management", with specialized personnel and with the help of a fleet of workshop vehicles equipped to run them at offices and depots.

To perform extraordinary maintenance, please contact Municipaltech!


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