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Customised special equipment for the summer road conditions

Municipaltech means experience, passion for technology and customer satisfaction. Engineering and innovation are part of our DNA identification. Our goal is to offer solutions developed to match your unique business needs, designing special customized summer equipment and solutions such as filler spreaders, multipurpose water modules and systems, sweepers, fire fighting equipment, New Jersey washing systems. 

Founded in 2011, but present in the field of summer and winter road conditions actually long before, Municipaltech materializes all its proven experience in a wide range of products that enables its customers to deal with any problem of snow clearing and road surface cleaning (and not only) thanks to the realization of tailor-made high-tech equipment.

We tailor our special customized equipment for the summer road conditions to your needs and seek together the best result. The comprehensive range of our products include filler spreaders, the innovative washing system New Jersey, the functional multipurpose water modules, and furthermore the fire fighting equipment AIB systems. All our products can be modified according to your necessity: at Municipaltech you will find the best solutions of customized special summer equipment for the sustainable regeneration of urban areas. Flexibility is one of ort most important traits: we do not only design and manufacture already existing products, but, on request, we can develop new projects and new products thanks to our highly specialized technical team always ready to take on new challenges.

We are not looking for standard technical solutions, but for systems capable of adapting to new projects. In Municipaltech we are striving to consistently improve our products and services, to keep them being the best they can be investing in high tech software and in highly qualified employees able to use the best 3D CAD software. It is the only way to satisfy the customers’ needs and to guarantee maximum flexibility in the realization of special customized equipment for the summer road conditions.  

The quality of the products designed by Municipaltech relies not only in the design and its subsequent realisation. We offer efficient after-sales services, rental services, technical ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of all the equipment supplied by us, offering equipment maintenance during both the warranty and post-warranty periods.

As already mentioned, our main goal is the maximum customer satisfaction and we believe that, in order to achieve this, it is necessary to be flexible, doing our best to meet your needs. In addition to the usual routine maintenance cycles, which seek to maintain over time a correct operation of the machine, we also offer special maintenance service, with which we carry out targeted interventions to ensure that the equipment you purchased does not lose value over time and can be updated, competitive and adaptable to changing needs.

For further information on our products and services and for a custom-made offer for the summer road conditions special equipment please do not hesitate to contact us!

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