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Sweepers and water module rental

Municipaltech, in addition to designing and manufacturing machines for summer maintenance and road rehabilitation, also offers rental of sweepers and water modules.

The type of customers to whom we turn is very wide, ranging from public administrations, companies in charge of roads and highways, the construction and agricultural enterprises that operate in the role of contractors for the summer maintenance service or road rehabilitation.

The rental can be configured as a "lease" contract because with it one party undertakes to give pleasure to another one thing movable or immovable property for a given time in exchange for a certain price. There are two types of car: "hot", when there is not only the equipment rental but also the personnel in its use. It comes to freight "cold" when it only rents the good without the operator.

Rental of road sweepers and the rental of used water modules offered by Municipaltech are examples of cold freight because we take care to provide our means without any operator authorized to use.

Our road sweepers and water modules rental services include in the price:

  • insurance, coupons and wear materials;
  • CE certification ;
  • user manual and the vehicle maintenance;
  • installation of equipment.

Except for normal wear and tear, the vehicle has to be returned in the same condition it was delivered.

For more information about our sweepers and water modules rental services, please contact us!



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