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Tunnel washer arms and tunnel washing systems

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Municipaltech designs and manufactures efficient, innovative and long-lasting products such as tunnel washer systems and tunnel washer arms of different types and sizes.

Our range of tunnel washer systems and arms, designed by Municipaltech and customisable according to the customer’s needs, includes:

  • BLT 3000 tunnel washer arm: the BLT 3000 tunnel washer arm is an equipment designed and manufactured to clean internal tunnel walls. By replacing the brushes with special rotary nozzles, it is possible to carry out any type of vertical cleaning (sound absorbing barriers, road signs, solar panels)
  • BLTGR tunnel washer spray bar with rotary nozzles: is appropriate for cleaning tunnels, noise barrier walls, vertical walls, windows and road signs. The BLTGR tunnel washer spray bar is a high-pressure spray bar completely in AISI 304 stainless steel, in square-shaped tubes, especially designed in order to allow the transfer/passage/flow of water at extremely high pressures, still preserving an excellent structural mechanical resistance. The tunnel spray bars can be designed according to the customer’s specific needs and can be equipped with ball joints/junctions to close the ending parts, useful during the transport of the equipment. The opening and closing procedures can be managed by means of hydraulic cylinders or electrical actuators (12/24 V). The rotary movement of the special rotary nozzles together with the pressure given by the water pump (installed on the back module) guarantee an optimal cleaning on any kind of wall/surface.
  • BLTTR tunnel washer arm with rotary cleaning heads: is designed to clean tunnels, sound absorbing walls, vertical walls, windows and road signs. The BLTTR spray bar has a tube-shaped frame and is equipped with junctions and telescopic extensions support to adjust the distance between the rotary cleaning heads and the wall. The rotary heads can be installed on fixed spray bars (laterally installed on trucks) or on the BLT 3000 tunnel washer arm (thus allowing their use in several working positions). Using the BLTTR spray bar the working distance from wall can range from 500 mm to 700 mm.
  • BLT45 front hydraulic arm: is mainly designed to clean road signs, but it also be used to clean tunnels, sound absorbing walls, vertical walls and windows. The hydraulic front arm is entirely in stainless steel, is completely articulated in all its movements allowing to work both on the right and on the left side without restrictions. The washer bar is installed at the end of the arm. On the bottom part there is another additional bar for the road cleaning. A joystick manages and controls the BLT45 front hydraulic arm – it is a multi directional joystick installed in the cabin of the vehicle.
  • BLT 8000 tunnel washer arm: Hydraulic articulated arm completely made of steel with high mechanical properties in order to provide and guarantee a good weight/strength balance. The BLT 8000 equipment is mainly designed to clean tunnels, sound-absorbing walls, vertical walls and windows, road signs.

All the range of tunnel washer systems and tunnel washer arms are equipped with special rotary nozzles: it is about  a new system employed to obtain a cleaning service comparable to the mechanical action of the brushes and that allows to carry out nay type of vertical cleaning.

What are the advantages of using cleaning system with high pressure nozzles compared to the brushes system?

  1. Speed: the speed functioning of the system using these nozzles is increased of about 50% compared to the speed function when using brushes.
  2. Management costs: the nozzles have low management costs, while the brushes have to be replaced every 50/80 working hours.

Municipaltech can boast a considerable experience in the design of special customized tunnel washer systems and tunnel washer arms and can upgrade and bring changes to your equipment according to the your specific requirements. 

We design and manufacture innovative and long-lasting products, providing quality routine and extraordinary maintenance services advisable in order to ensure the best efficiency of the product and it constant upgrade for all our range of products: sweepers, tunnel washer arms, filler spreaders and summer road equipment. We also supply spare parts for the repair of our equipment both for private or public authorities such as: ANAS, Autostrade Spa, Civil Protection Bodies, Municipalities, Regional bodies, and Mountain communities.

Municipaltech offers an accurate after-sale assistance service, available 24 hours a day by telephone, email, fax, supported by a team of highly skilled, reliable technicians.

For further information on our tunnel washer systems and tunnel washer arms please do not hesitate to contact us! Municipal Tech is the right company for you!


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