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Wildfire fighting equipment

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Municipaltech has been designing and manufacturing, in addition to the summer road equipment, wildfire fighting equipment designed to be used in case of wildfires.

The AIB wildfire fighting modules are designed and manufactured in order to meet  the customer’s specific requirements and to adapt to the equipment on which they should be installed (trucks, MB Unimog, pick ups): thanks to our internal specialized technical team, highly qualified in using 3D CAD software tools for the design of customised special equipment and machines we develop new solutions to best meet your project needs.

The AIB wildfire fighting modules can be equipped with:

  • Tanks: tanks in AISI type 304 stainless steel, AISI type 316 stainless steel, fiberglass and PPI, that have a capacity from 200 litres to 10000 liters;
  • Pumps: high and low pression membrane pumps and piston pumps;
  • Hose reel: manual, electric coil, hydraulic winding;
  • Lances: distribution lances “Mitra” type with modulated full jet/spray jet and flow control.

AIB is the acronym of “Anti Incendio Boschivo” “Wildfire Fighting”: the term AIB wildfire equipment refers to the equipment necessary to be used and to respond to wildfires safely and effectively. The use of the wildfire fighting equipment should comply with specific standards that is why is absolutely important and advisable to consult those standards before purchasing any wildfire fighting module.

It is advisable to always purchase equipment properly designed in order to preserve the firefighters’ health and security: that is why we design and manufacture reliable and efficient wildfire fighting equipment. Municipal Tech is continuously conducting research on, and implementing, new technologies to enhance wildland firefighting. It is important, if necessary, to be equipped with high-tech wildfire fighting modules.

Take advantage of the certified reliability of our solutions.

For further information on our products and services and for a custom-made offer for the wildfire fighting equipment please do not hesitate to contact us!


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