BLT 8000 road tunnel washer arm

braccio per lavaggio di gallerie stradali BLT 8000 01 municipaltech

The hydraulic articulated tunnel washer arm is completely made of steel with high mechanical properties in order to provide and guarantee a good strength balance. The BLT 8000 arm is equipped with a 76060 A/B coupling plate, being completely articulated in all its functions and movements. It is controlled hydraulically by means of a control panel equipped with a joystick to be installed in the driver’s cab. The BLT 8000 washer arm is completely articulated in all its movements allowing to work both on the right and on the left side without restrictions. Thanks to the lateral hydraulic translation left-right the arm ensures efficient, thorough cleaning even in areas difficult to be reached, always maintaining its high operability. The BLT 8000 arm is made up of a fix part (backplate to be installed on the vehicle), a slide (left/right translation) on which are connected the articulated arms hydraulically driven. On the last arm a hydraulic rotary fifth wheel is installed in order to rotate the brush cleaning spray bar. The BLT 8000 can be supplied with a cleaning brush width 1800 mm or with high pressure cleaning bar/s with special swivel heads.

Uses of the BLT 8000 road tunnel washer

The BLT 8000 equipment is mainly designed to clean tunnels, sound-absorbing walls, vertical walls and windows, road signs.  


Municipal Tech can boast a considerable experience in the design of special customized equipment and machinery and not only and that is why we are ready to take on new and difficult challenges.

For further information on the BLT 8000   tunnel washer arm and for custom-made offers please do not hesitate to directly contact us or fill in the attached form!

All the range of tunnel washer systems and tunnel washer arms are equipped with special rotary nozzles: it is about  a new system employed to obtain a cleaning service comparable to the mechanical action of the brushes and that allows to carry out nay type of vertical cleaning.



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