BLT TR tunnel washer bar

barra per lavaggio tunnel stradali BLT TR 03 municipaltech

The BLTTR tunnel washer spray bar has a tube-shaped frame and is equipped with junctions and telescopic extensions support to adjust the distance between the rotary cleaning heads and the wall. The rotary cleaning heads can be installed on fixed spray bars (laterally installed on trucks) or on the BLT 3000 tunnel washer arm (thus allowing their use in several working positions). The rotary heads are made of a cylindric body/frame in AISI 316 stainless steel and of a rotary head on which are installed n. 3 nozzles; these nozzles rotate, through the high-pressure power, ensuring excellent washing characteristics.

Uses of the BLT TR tunnel washer spray bar

It is designed to clean tunnels, sound absorbing walls, vertical walls, windows and road signs.

For further information on the BLT TR  tunnel washer arm and for custom-made offers please do not hesitate to directly contact us or fill in the attached form!

Requested Water features:

2000 mm 1000 mm 2 90 lt/min 150 bar 220 bar
3000 mm 2000 mm 3 130 lt/min 150 bar 220 bar
4000 mm 3000 mm 4 170 lt/min 150 bar 220 bar

What are the advantages of using cleaning system with high pressure nozzles compared to the brushes system?

  • Speed: the speed functioning of the system using these nozzles is increased of about 50% compared to the speed function when using brushes.
  • Management costs: the nozzles have low management costs, while the brushes have to be replaced every 50/80 working hours.



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